The marriage of generative AI and marketing


    Webinar Like every other area of business, marketing is facing a rapid evolution as the potential of generative AI (GenAI) becomes widely evident.

    The industry is tasked with reassessing how this new technology can drive efficiency and increase profits and how to create strategies to optimize its potential. There are so many ways GenAI can be used in this field – providing insights into customer behaviour for example, accelerating creative workflows, enabling media optimization and helping marketers reach new audiences, save time and money and improve campaign effectiveness.

    Find out more by joining this webinar on 12 March at 9am GMT/5am ET/2am PT when Google Cloud’s Ori Weinroth, Director of Marketing, EMEA and Anna Sokhan, EMEA Regional Product Lead will deliver a GenAI keynote speech which addresses the benefits of modernization in marketing. Later Guiseppe Calabrese, Business Development Lead, Data Analytics and Riz Syed, AdXAI Program Lead will join Ori and Anna in a live Q&A via Google Meet where you can get all your questions answered.

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    Sponsored by Google Cloud.

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