A giant leap towards GenAI


    Webinar Few businesses will want to ignore the potential benefits that incorporating generative AI into their operations can offer. But it’s still a struggle to work out the best strategy to deliver success – there isn’t always an obvious starting point.

    Dell Technologies has taken note and has prepared evaluation and delivery models to aid with organizational and data readiness.

    Dell Digital undertook an internal consulting engagement with Dell’s Professional Services Division, determining ways to identify and prioritize generative AI use-cases.

    The company was able to identify key factors around the challenges and opportunities for generative AI which will be shared in our latest webinar on 24th January at 5pm GMT/12pm ET/9am PT. Join Jaynene Hapanowicz, CTO and Senior VP, Technology Transformation and Services at Dell Digital, and Scott Bils, VP, Product Management at Dell Professional Services, as they discuss best practice insights around generative AI use-case development and deployment.

    They’ll advise how to take that first crucial step towards gaining consensus among internal shareholders and marshalling internal support and integration resources.

    Sign up for the webinar here to learn how Dell’s direct experience with its own GenAI projects can be applied to help ensure your organization’s initiatives succeed too.

    Sponsored by Dell.

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